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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School


Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

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Cassel's Sports & Awards
Cassel's Sports & Awards is the supplier for our team uniforms & spirit pack items. You will need, at minimum, to purchase the following items: PLEASE NOTE: TEAM SHIRT, JERSEY and Shorts (BOYS) are the same as last year and cross country. i. Team Shirt (long sleeved Under Armour) (to be worn at meets) (NEW THIS YEAR- ALL ATHLETES MUST PURCHASE) iii. Jersey iv. Shorts(Running Shorts or Spandex-style(Boys) or BoyShorts (Girls) ; Mesh Shorts for Throwers Only For those who are consider warmups, they are also new: a black UnderArmour 1/4 Zip Jacket and black wind pants. These are not required, but teams that dress alike at meets display a sense of unity, both in appearance and in purpose, and thus it is encouraged. NOTE: The Spirit Pack ordering is now done online, through Cassels' Online store We will put in our first order on Friday, November 4th.. We will make our second order after tryouts. If you are certain to make the team, please consider ordering early, to ensure that you get your uniform before the first meet. REFUND POLICY- For any athlete who tries out for track, but does not make the team, we will agree to refund that athlete for the REQUIRED items purchased (not sweats, warmups, etc). If you place an order, but decide not to tryout, then we will not be able to give you a refund, although we will certainly provide you with your uniform when it is delivered.

Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field Team Site
Contains all information relating to the Cross Country, Winter Track & Spring Track Teams. Includes

  • Pre-season information
  • Driving directions
  • Schedules
  • Lettering & post-season qualifying standards
  • Meet lineups & information
  • Workout schedules
  • Roster
  • Results
  • Performance list
  • Individual & Team Records & Historical Information
  • Archives
In addition, information can be found pertaining to the Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field Hall of Fame, and the Cassel's XBC Track Experience.

Cassel's XBC Track Experience- Meet Page

Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field Hall of Fame
Premier website for HS track & field in Virginia. Provides links to results, articles, photos, meet summaries, and athlete profiles.

Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field- Facebook Page

Facebook- Ed Lull- Northern Region Track Photos
Fantastic photo albums of weekly track & cross country action in the Northern Region, provided by Ed Lull (CHS Parent/CYA Track Director).

Athlete Info Survey
Welcome to the 2015-16 Winter Track program. This survey is designed solely to collect some necessary demographic data, which will remain confidential. I do use it for several things, including setting up my HyTek team data base, and team email lists. As such, please be as accurate and thorough in all of your answers.

2017-18 Returning Athlete Info Survey
If you are filling this out, it is because you were on the roster for the 2017 Cross Country team. This survey is simply to confirm that you are still participating this winter, and that you are aware that the same rules apply. Please note that if you have changed any personal info (ie: phone number, address, etc), please be sure to identify it in the box at the bottom. If you did NOT participate in 2017 Cross Country (even if you ran cross country,winter or spring track last year), please return to, and click on the Winter Track New Athlete Survey, which is a bit more comprehensive.

Parent Info Survey
Welcome to the 2016-17 Chantilly Charger Winter Track Team. Please take a minute to answer the following questions thoroughly and accurately. It is important for me to maintain solid records for parents, in order to keep you informed, occasionally ask for help, and most importantly, be able to contact you in case of emergency. If it is such that athletes are separated between two households and parents wish to complete multiple surveys in order to keep both parents fully involved, please feel free to do so.

Athlete Concussion Ed
Required of all athletes ONCE per year (2016-17). Must be completed if you have not done a fall sports, even if you did it last year.

Parent Concussion Ed
Required of all parents ONCE per year (2016-17). Must be completed if you have not done a fall sports, even if you did it last year.