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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School


Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School



7.0 years ago by Dr. Matt Gilchrist

Cross Country Pre-Season Information

Welcome to the 2016 Chantilly Charger Cross Country Team. I am happy to have you, and applaud your decision to join, complete with the enthusiasm and commitment towards individual improvement, and towards team contributions. This is a sport which tests the body and mind, and which combines such individual efforts into a solid team and communal goal.

There is a lot to absorb at the beginning of the season, and a lot of information that you need to digest. I must stress that this applies equally to the returning veterans as it does to the rising freshman or CHS newcomer. It is my expectation that you read everything carefully, and that you ask questions promptly, when something is unclear. It is important that everyone is on the same page from the get go... this is how strong teams are built.


Sign-up Information (in June)

Administratively, there are a few steps you need to undertake ASAP.

Due Friday, June 20th Due on July 30th

- Cross Country Athlete Info Survey (Online)

-Cross Country Parent Info Survey (Online)

- Emergency Care Card

- Spirit Pack Form (Purchase Online- Submit Confirmation Form)

- Camp Forms (Permission Slip & Luggage Search Forms)

- Athlete Concussion Ed (online)

- Parent Concussion Ed (online)

- VHSL Physical Form (dated after May 1st, 2016)

- Team Bible (distributed on August 1st)

- FCPS Extra Curricular Policy (distributed on August 1st)

- Drivers Forms (Juniors & Seniors only, if applicable)





(All Forms/Links can be found below)

  • Provide me with your personal data for my database. In an effort to conserve paper this year, this will be done electronically: Cross Country Athlete Info. Fill this out completely. It will provide me with all of the personal info I will need to enter you in our database, register in, and put you on our roster.
  • On the same page, please have your parent fill out the link labeled: Cross Country Parent Info This will give me emergency contact info, and an email address which will allow us to keep you informed regularly. PLEASE LET YOUR PARENTS COMPLETE THIS, TO ENSURE EMAIL ACCURACY!
  • Make plans to get a VHSL Physical TODAY!!!!! Do NOT wait until August to get one, as you will not be allowed to practice, starting August 1st, without one. You must use the proper form, which can be found on our team page (again at: Simply download it and print. Please note that I have no flexibility on this; make sure that ALL signatures are completed, and that insurance information is given. If you do not have insurance, see me ASAP. There is inexpensive student insurance available through the county, but it needs to be done in advance. If you require student insurance, please go to:
  • I am requesting all forms listed above (except your physical) to be submitted to me at Chantilly HS NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JUNE 20th They can all be downloaded from our team website, listed below.
  • Please give consideration to attending Blue Ridge Running Camp in late July. While this is more heavily stressed towards the veteran runner, it can also be beneficial to the novice, as well. The only thing I will stress, though, is that you go in shape. There are other camps out there; this is the one I am personally familiar with, and personally endorse. It is not imperative, as our team camp is, but still recommended. Varsity level runners are STRONGLY encouraged to attend.
  • Purchase a GOOD pair of RUNNING shoes. These should be a pair of shoes that are just for training, and not for everyday wear. These should not be basketball shoes, tennis shoes, or cross trainers. I recommend going to a running specialty store, such as VA Runner, Pacers, Footsteps of Reston or Potomac River Running. Each of these stores are owned and managed by runners, and offer discounts for HS athletes. Moreover, they will help fit you with a shoe that is appropriate for your feet.
  • Keep track of all announcements/info by checking our team website ( regularly. We also use a Facebook group, titled "Chantilly HS Cross Country/Track & Field". We invite and encourage all athletes and parents to join our group, in order to stay informed.
  • Please study your workout schedule carefully, and start training. Starting is always the hardest part. Select the appropriate group, contact your teammates, and start running. Captains practices will begin on Friday, June 24th. Over the summer, we will meet at 7:00 am on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays. While conditioning is not mandatory, please understand that if you are in town, it is an expectation, as it will help to condition you as an athlete, and the team as a whole.
  • Please DO NOT HESITATE to email me if you have ANY questions of any sort. Your summer training is key to your seasonal success, and it is my job, and my pleasure, to help you adjust as necessary, especially if you are new. My email address is Please use it whenever necessary.