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Chargers Athletics

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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

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Game Summary

15.0 years ago @ 6:47PM

Cross Country Finalizes District Lineup at Dobson Dual Districts

Game Date
Oct 15, 2008

After four months of training and competing, the Charger Cross Country team entered the beginning of the postseason, competing in the Dobson Double Dual Championships, which serves both as the de facto JV District Championships, as well as the final race on which the team decides it's district team roster.

As most teams hold out their top runners, the meet is divided into Freshman/Sophomore and Junior/Senior divisions.  From a team perspective, the boys teams in particular proved competitive, with a strong 3rd place in the Freshman/Sophomore division and a 2nd place in the Junior/Senior race. In the first race, sophomore Samuel Tucker III led the Chargers with a strong 9th place, followed by freshman Luke Ivers, and sophomores Ryan Smith, Jay Keagy and Mohammed Labor-Koroma. In the junior/senior race, seniors Wilson Bever and Andrew Zulick earned medals with their 4th and 9th places respectively. Junior Harold Dockins, and seniors Patrick Roberts and Jimmy Balladares completed the scoring for the team.

The girls teams were not as deep as the boys squads, both finishing in 6th place.  That being said, strong runs were turned in by juniors Megan Louis and Taylor Norwood, and sophomores Jennie Cohen and Tiffany Mitchell, each of whom earned spots on the post-season roster.

The Concorde District Championships will be held next Wednesday, October 22nd at Burke Lake Park.  The boys race will be held at 3:15 pm, with the girls following at 3:45 pm.  The top 4 teams/15 individuals will then advance to the regional meet, held a week later.

Complete results can be found at:

The complete post-season roster is as follows:


  1. Chris Foley
  2. Matt Cumpian
  3. David Harsh
  4. Wilson Bever
  5. Andrew Zulick
  6. Samuel Tucker III
  7. Harold Dockins
  8. Patrick Roberts (1st Alternate)
  9. Luke Ivers (2nd Alternate)
  10. Jimmy Balladares (3rd Alternate)


  1. Rachel Grochowski
  2. Erin Horil
  3. Hannah Strub
  4. Kacey Norwood
  5. Katrine Gast
  6. Megan Louis
  7. Taylor Norwood
  8. Katlyn Kinsey (1st Alternate)
  9. Jennie Cohen (2nd Alternate)
  10. Tiffany Mitchell (3rd Alternate)