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Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School


Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School

Chargers Athletics

Chantilly High School



10.0 years ago

Forms and FAQ's

Required Paperwork:    

All of the following forms will be collected on August 13th, 9:30 am. Any missing or incomplete paperwork will prevent your player from receiving equipment, and they will not be eligible to play until this paperwork comes in. You may finds these forms in the "Team Files" page.

Fairfax county rules state that all physicals for the upcoming season must have been completed on or after May 1st of this year. We have one night where students can come in and get their physical done here at school on June 17th- however I was just informed that this is currently all booked. Oakton typically holds theirs later in the summer, so keep your eye out for that. Obviously any other general care or family physician can take care of this as well. Here is the link to the physical form:

If players are currently participating in summer workouts, they should turn their physicals into one of our Certified Athletic Trainers ASAP, as they are required to participate in off-season workouts. Please make a copy of this physical for your own records before giving to your child to turn in. 

Emergency Care Cards: this form is mandatory and gives us the information we need to contact you in the case of an emergency. 

Extra Curricular Participation Form: this form gives an outline of our school's policies regarding the right to participate in extracurricular activities, and behaviors that may revoke this right. This needs to be read, signed, and dated by your player.

Concussion Education: Players and parents must complete this brief "webinar" on concussions. The website to do this is:  Please complete this and follow directions. Typically, we get the results of who has completed this training, but please bring in the certificate that is emailed to you upon completion as proof just in case. 


Summer Workouts and Camps:

We are not allowed to give specific sports related instruction during the offseason, but it is imperative we get the kids up and running and lifting during the months leading up to the season. We had a few months of introductory workouts with many of your players already. The purpose of these workouts was to teach them proper technique for lifting. Beginning June 24th, the freshmen will be allowed to workout with the upper classmen. Here, despite not having the same one-on-one they had earlier, we as a staff always pay close attention to the players, making sure they are using proper form to increase their muscle development and decrease the risk of injury in the future. The workouts start at 8 am, and I would encourage them to not be late! We do take attendance, but again these workouts are encouraged but not mandatory. Obviously, most families take vacations during the summer and there are no issues with time off during this period. We have what is referred to as a “red period,” (which means we as coaches cannot have any contact with players during this time) from July 7th-14th , which simply means there will be no workouts. Also, obviously the 4th of July is an off-day as well.

We offer the opportunity for three camps over the summer; passing camp (which is going on right now) pit camp (which is for linemen only) and freshmen team camp. The first two were only for upper classmen up until this year. This camp is July 14th-17th. These camps are helpful, however by no means mandatory. Applications and other information about these camps are provided on our website.